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Galleries, Orchestras 

Karlovy Vary Art Gallery
Goethova stezka 6
360 01 Karlovy Vary
tel.: 353 224 387

Gallery of Art in Karlovy Vary


Art GalleryThe gallery is a professional institute that has preserved, valorised and brought closer the Czech art of the 20th century in permanent exhibitions, short-term expositions, publication activities, and cultural and educational programmes in the spa environment of Karlovy Vary and its region since 1953.

“Duhová paleta” Gallery in Karlovy Vary
Sokolovská 35
360 05 Karlovy Vary
tel: 353 447 025

Gallery "Duhová paleta"/Rainbow Pallete Gallery

Duhová paleta (Rainbow Palette) Gallery at the basic school and the basic art school in Šmeralova Street has served schools specializing in arts for 13 years. Exhibitions of works of basic art schools, basic schools, grammar schools, secondary professional schools, and vocational schools, students of pedagogic faculties, artist teachers and professional artists take turns here. The gallery is based in the premises of the former after-school centre. During its existence about 130 exhibitions took place here. For example, the exhibition “Europe at School” was organized with cooperation of Euroatelier. The gallery hosted also the international exhibition ”Portrait“ with participation of Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria. The repeat exhibitions ”Aleš´s Country“ took place here too. Professional artists were introduced in the gallery too: painter and graphic artist Petr Strnad and photographer Stanislav Kožený.

Art Gallery in Cheb
nám. Krále Jiřího z Poděbrad 16
350 46 Cheb
tel.: 354 422 838 

Gallery of Art in Cheb

GalleryGalerie výtvarného umění (The Art Gallery) in Cheb was founded in 1962. During the last eleven years, until 2001, it was the property of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic; currently, its trustee is the Karlovy Vary Region. The gallery was founded as cultural institution focused especially on exhibition activities. However, from the mid-sixties it started to form its own collections and at the turn of the 1960’s and 1970’s, thanks to intensive acquisition activities, supported even by management of then regional administrative bodies, it became an art museum. At that time, it could boast about its numerous collections of Czech old and modern art. The gallery exhibits the most quality works of its collections in the exhibitions that are being consistently added to and improved.

Gallery 4 – Photo gallery
Kamenná 2
350 22 Cheb
tel.: 354 422 838 

Gallery 4

Galerie 4 was founded in 1985 in a historical centre of the town of Cheb (Eger) that is situated in the western part of the Czech Republic nearby the border with Germany. Galerie 4 with 170 square metres of the floor area is the largest permanent photo gallery in the Czech Republic. Four interlinked exhibition halls are partly arched, each exhibit is separately illuminated, the last exhibition hall has indirect ceiling day light. The own pressure frames allow to exhibit photographs very gently, without causing any potential damage to them. Galerie 4 organizes 12–14 exhibitions a year in the gallery premises, and prepares about 10 exhibitions for other exhibition halls in both our country and abroad. Besides the exhibition programme, Galerie 4 includes international workshops of documentary and artistic photography, workshops for students of photography and art schools. The gallery includes also an archive of the Western Bohemian photography and a library of professional literature. 

Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra
Husovo nám. 2
360 01 Karlovy Vary
tel.: 353 228 707 

Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra

The orchestra was founded in 1835 by Josef Labický as a seasonal spa body. 40 years later, Labicky´s son August turned it into a permanent symphonic orchestra with large-scale activities and a wide-range repertoire. The orchestra kept its dominant position in Karlovy Vary musical life even after 1945, when it was restored by Josef Bartl. From October till June it organizes subscription cycles, special and opera concerts as well as performances for the youth. During the main spa season it takes part in all traditional musical events, such as Mozart’s and Beethoven’s Days, Mladé pódium (Young Podium) and Dvořák´s Karlovy Vary Autumn.

Western Bohemian Symphony Orchestra  Mariánské Lázně
Hlavní 47
353 01 Mariánské Lázně
tel.: 354 622 141 

West Bohemian Symphony Orchestra of Mariánské Lázně

The orchestra is the oldest Czech symphonic body, and its establishment can be dated back to 1821. Originally a minor band, it expanded soon to become a middle-sized orchestra that, besides promenade concerts, concentrated more and more on symphonic concerts. Nowadays the orchestra performs about one hundred musical productions a year, while its main programme line is formed by three cycles of subscription concerts. The orchestra performs in Mariánské Lázně and on the territory of the whole Western Bohemian region. Traditionally, it takes part in the prestigious international Chopin Festival and has concerts also on foreign stages.