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Technical Monuments
Bridges and Footbridges
Bridges and Footbridges of Karlovy Vary Region 

Bridges have accompanied human steps since long ago. Actually, they have existed since the moment when man put the first tree across the brook in order to get to the other side. Bridges shorten ways, connect inhabitants, become an apple of discord; we sing songs, recite poems and tell fairy tales about them. Some of them are famous to such extent that they are besieged by tourists with cameras throughout the year. For example, the Charles Bridge in Prague, Pont du Gard or Pont d´Avignon in France. We walk across some of them every day without realizing it at all. Come and have a walk across the bridges in the Karlovy Vary Region with us.........

Bridges of Karlovy Vary District Karlovy Vary District and its bridges
Bridges of Sokolov District Sokolov District with its bridges
Bridges of Cheb District Cheb District  and bridges


The material has been developed under favours of LIBRI publishing company, from the electronic database of which we have gathered information.