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Abertamy Mining District 

The beginnings of the Abertamy mining can be traced as far as to 1529. Mining spread very fast, because the minimum of 8 mines are mentioned (such as on the lodes of Vavřinec (Lawrence), Šesti bratří (Six Brothers), Stříbrná růže (Silver Rose) etc.) as early as in the 1530s. Some of the lodes were very rich in their upper layers. Agricola ranks Abertamy second among silver deposits of his time.

As surface deposits were relatively quickly depleted, underground mining started. It was blocked by water; therefore the first mine adits were those that followed some of the lodes. The very first were driven in the valley of Bystřice. The Albrecht’s mine adit was the first deeper one. In 1533 the drainage adit of Vavřinec Šlik started to be driven and reached a length of 1800 m by 1558.

However, this mine adit did not solve the mine district drainage problem, and therefore water-conveying drifts were driven 40 m below its level, into which water was drained from the mined chambers. From here it was pumped to the mine entry adit by a mining pump. This way of drainage did not provide the desirable capacity, which was demonstrated by occasional mines floods.

The biggest boom of the Abertamy mining lasted about 20 years. The mine report of 1549 states that the mining was in a decline despite the fact that the deposits were still considerably rich. In the 1550’s mine works below the mine adit were already flooded. In the 1560’s Albrecht’s mine tunnel continued to be driven at the direction beyond the Rybí Brook towards Altenperk. The mine tunnel of Jindřich Šlik was driven from Pernink to this locality too.

In the 1570’s a significant decline in mining took place due to cave-ins and consequent flooding of the majority of the mine adits. In the middle of the 1670’s the mine adit Albert became impassable, at the end of the 1570’s the Vavřinec mine adit collapsed. Despite the planned renewal, any further major development of mining did occur any more. Insufficient maintenance of the mine adits, the departure of foreign mine owners from the mining district, fragmentation of the mine shares and the big costs of smelting the ore are mentioned as some of the reasons.