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Technical Monuments
Bridges and Footbridges
Slavkovský les/Slavkov Forest - Dlouhá stoka/Long Ditch 
Dlouhá stoka/Long Ditch is a significant technical monument that crosses a major part of Slavkovský les (Slavkov Forest). It was completed in 1536, as mining activities had consumed more and more water to drive machines and equipment, and also the timber supplies from the surroundings of Horní Slavkov and Krásno had fallen lower and lower, and it was necessary to transport them to the mining operations from the more distant Kynžvart forests. The route was staked out by the mine surveyor Rossmeisl and was named Flossgraben.
Flossgraben meant a very systematic and well-considered interference into the natural water regime. Taking into consideration the terrain configuration the project required especially good surveying management and maintaining the minimum decline as a guarantee that the water would be led successfully to the necessary elevation, and thus the success of the overall action will be ensured. Besides excavation and lining of the watercourse, the major part of the project consisted of the construction of relatively large water-tight dams and banks on the slopes. The total length of the ditch was 24.2 km.
In September 2003 the Ministry of Culture registered the Dlouhá stoka on the list of cultural monuments.