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Technical Monuments
Bridges and Footbridges
Karlovy Vary - Ground cableways 

Three ground cableways served the public transport in the spa.

The cableway line from Divadelní náměstí (Theatre Square) to Helenin dvůr (Helen´s Yard) was put into operation in 1907 as the first. Its track passes through a tunnel in its full length (127 m). It is still in operation.

In 1912 operation was begun on the cableway line of Lázně I – Imperial/Spa I. Its operation was closed in 1959. The 126 m long track bed has been preserved.

Operation on the cableway line of Stará Louka (Old Meadow) - Výšina přátelství (Friendship Hill), which is 451.6 m long, was opened in 1912 too. There is the stop Jelení skok (Deer Jump) on the line. Operation was closed down in 1980 and reopened after reconstruction in 1987.

In 1914 construction began on the cog railway line between Vřídelní ulice (Hot Spring Street) and Vrch U tří křížů (Three Crosses´ Hill). Despite all attempts, construction of the track was never completed.

As a part of the Zámecký pramen (Chateau Spring) Colonnade realized in 1911 according to the project of the Vienna architect F. Ohmann the passenger elevator to Zámecký vrch (Chateau Hill) was built, initially with two cabins in a shuttle service. It was reconstructed in 1960. Nowadays it is being restored.