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Technical Monuments
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Karlovy Vary - Porcelain Sample Room 

In 1842 Carl Knoll, Karlovy Vary businessman, bought the property and the plant for the production of stoneware pipes at Rybáře by the Rolava River. He built here a kaolin washing mill for the porcelain factories in Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) and its surroundings. His business was successful and, in following four years, he also built a small porcelain factory with two kilns, in which cups were produced. After twenty years there was already a prosperous porcelain factory with four circular kilns at the crossroads in Rybáře. Spa cups, figure porcelain and tea sets for Karlovy Vary hotels were produced here. The products were of a good clay quality; however, their art level was not any better than the average of that time.

The factory also included a porcelain pavilion in Japanese style standing on a small island in today’s Rolava swimming pool (which was completely plundered and destroyed in 1945), and the own sample room offering possible purchase of the goods. The Art Nouveau building of the sample room stands in the area up to the present day. It has undergone many construction renovations (to the worse) and nowadays it is in a very dilapidated state. It dates back to 1905, after the Second World War the sample room was used as storage, its hall with a gallery was depreciated by the insertion of a ceiling in the early 1950’s.