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Technical Monuments
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Jáchymov - Svornost/Concord Mine 

The name Svornost (Jednota)/Concord (Unity) has been used since 1530, in memory of the settlement of a dispute between two mine owners. It belongs to the oldest of the Jáchymov mines. First silver ores, later ores of cobalt, arsenic, and then ores containing radium used for colours; and finally uranium ores were mined here. Extraction from this mine was profitable for the majority of the time. As early as in the 17th century mining was assumed by the town and it retained a significant share until 1843, when the mine was taken over by the state administration. In the 1760’s a mining shaft of this mine was 292 metres deep.

During the second half of the 19th century there was a consistent decrease in prices of uranium colours and, in the 1890’s, in prices of silver. On May 1, 1901 it was decided to stop operation in the eastern section. After establishment of the independent Czechoslovak State, mining was increased, but this time it was due to the discovery of radium. The Jáchymov mines were taken over by the Czechoslovak state administration. At the time from 1922 till 1924 the Svornost mine was opened.

During the occupation Germans intensively extracted uranium ore from here, however, compared to the growth of uranium mining in the 1950’s, the quantity was not significant.

On June 14, 1964 the mine Svornost was delivered to the administration of Československé státní lázně (Czechoslovak State Spas). New Curie mine tunnel with its total length of 2,390 m that supplies spa objects with curative water was driven at the Daniel level. Later “Svornost New Water-Draining Tunnel" was driven. It is the only mine owned by the spa, and it is the last mine in the Jáchymov region that is almost functional.