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Čistá - Jeroným Mine 

The historical Jeroným Mine is located in the Sokolov District, in the Rovná cadastral district. In the past it fell into the cadastral district of the royal mining town of Čistá that does not exist any more. Jeroným Mine is a significant mining monument providing evidence of the level of mining in the 15th and 16th centuries. The interest of the mine owners was focused on the extraction of tin ores.

Available sources mention Čistá (Lauterbach) was active in mining as early as in the 13th century. The town development was associated with the expansion of mining in the Jeroným Mine. On August 20, 1551 Ferdinand I granted the town the status of a ”Royal Mining Town (Königliche Bergstadt Lauterbach)“. The town owned a tin scale, a tin smelter and a licence to practice lumbering in the royal woods.

The deposit of tin ore, on which the Jeroným Mine was constructed, represents a marginal deposit in a south-west part of the Čistá-Krásno Zone of the Slavkov gneiss block. The beginnings of underground mining fall into the period of the first half of the 16th century. Development of underground mining started after the gradual depletion of the surrounding placer deposits..

After its boom mining in Jeroným Mine slowly started to decline. The report on the mine workings of 1847 states that the mines in the vicinity of Čistá are in a state of devastation. Attempts at recovery of mining in the Jeroným Mine were made in 1887 – 1905. After the First World War the mine was abandoned. Further prospecting with the intentions of reopening the mine is realized in 1940 – 1943.

In 1990 the whole Jeroným Mine was declared a cultural monument by the decree of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic dated 2. 16. 1990, ref. No. 4291-89-PPM. In the central list of immovable cultural monuments it is registered under No. 4515. Rescue operations have been carried out since 1992. Beautiful chambers from the 16th century are located in the deposit’s central part. During 1982 other underground spaces were discovered, nowadays indicated as old mine workings, in the close proximity to the known part of Jeroným Mine. The old mine workings are dry and drained through the Jeroným draining adit.

Unfortunately, Jeroným Mine has not been open to the public yet and, providing that funding will be available, work on its security will take another several years.