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Technical Monuments
Bridges and Footbridges
Blatná Water Ditch 

At the beginning of the 16th century ore extraction in the Krušné hory (Ore Mountains) was not possible without water. Therefore mine owners from Horní Blatná charged builder Štěpán Lenk with construction of a 12 km long water ditch, through which water was brought to supply mining and metallurgical operations at Horní Blatná from the river-basin area of the little Černá (Black) River near Boží Dar.

The ditch winds through the Krušné hory mountain-tops at a height of 945-975 metres above sea level, from the peat bogs at Boží Dar, through Rýžovna, Bludná, and on the northern side of Blatenský vrch (Blatná Hill) it make a turn above Horní Blatná. After its completion rapid mining development started not only in the surroundings of Horní Blatná, but also in the whole territory along the waterworks.

At the beginning of the 1990’s the Blatná Ditch was almost destroyed – the profile of the channel was choked with debris, the weirs were broken and concrete structures destroyed in many places. Current restoration of the historical waterworks was initiated by the ZVHS (in English: AWMA – the Agricultural Water Management Authority) manager for environmental reasons – it was necessary to catch the humic waters from the Boží Dar peat bogs and divert them through the Blatná ditch away the Myslivny water-supply reservoir, as it is the main source of drinking water for border towns and villages. The restoration project was designed according to the preserved archive documents of the final building approval for the reconstruction in 1929, performed by the district Water Management Cooperation in Horní Blatná.
The present construction work on the restoration was carried out from 1995 till 2001.