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Set out for Golf
Golf in Karlovy Vary Region 

The Karlovy Vary Region has become a golfer’s paradise where enthusiasts of this original British gentlemen’s sport can now play on ten courses. In our region, golf is no longer a game for the privileged - it can be played by both beginners and advanced players.

  Golf                              Golf

Some clubs organize prestigious international tournaments and the development of golf is considered by the regional management as another opportunity to attract tourists to the region. Therefore the region had a study prepared which comprises up to 37 localities suitable for building golf courses along with the associated investment opportunities. ”The issue is not only where the course will be situated and what its parameters will be. At the same time, the study deals with the adjacent infrastructure of such courses and the effect on their surroundings. Similar courses can contribute very significantly to the further development of tourism and the tourist industry in the region and consequently the creation of new job opportunities" said Josef Pavel, the Commissioner for the Karlovy Vary Region. The construction of championship as well as public courses is being considered. In this way golf will be opened up to more and more people.

 New courses are scheduled to be built at Skalná, Habartov, Vlkovice in the Mariánské Lázně region, at Hranice, near Otročín, in Boží Dar, Kolová and Jelení in Krušné hory (the Ore Mountains). We can provide a description of the existing courses in the region:

Photo: Rudolf Vážný