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Set out for Golf
Závodiště Karlovy Vary (Racing Karlovy Vary) 


Závodiště/Racing Karlovy VaryIn the western part of Karlovy Vary towards Sokolov, a new golf club has built its course in the middle of the Karlovy Vary horse-racing area with the novelty in the Czech Republic of having 18 greens allocated to 9 tees. Although unusual, many courses have been formed in such a way throughout history, and in this new golfing era such a course can also be found. The course itself has beautiful scenery not only in terms of the mature greenery in the eastern part; the view from the old horse-racing grandstands, from where you can watch the action on the course, is absolutely unique.

Závodiště/Racing Karlovy VaryThe course was opened in May 2005 and since that time this middle-length golf course (4,932 / 4,205 metres, par 68) has offered the opportunity for a good game. Although there are nine holes here, not once do you play at the same distance. The shortest is the first hole at 117, respectively 99 metres long and is three-par. Immediately after which is the longest hole in the first round, with par 5, and only in the second round do you play to distances of 481, respectively 415 metres. An interesting part is the middle of the hippodrome where eight greens, four tees and three lagoons are located. The putting green and the driving range are located in front of the stands.

Závodiště/Racing Karlovy VaryThe design perfectly utilises all the opportunities offered by the inner part of the horse-racing area and a further sports facility is also available for both visitors and G&RC Karlovy Vary members.