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Set out for Golf

Golf LubyThis nine-hole course was founded in 1994 in the locality among Cheb, Františkovy Lázně and Sokolov. The Luby course is not far from the border with Germany, near the town of Cheb.

Nowadays this peculiar hilly course has its own clubhouse connected to a restaurant where you can choose and enjoy all-Czech meals. Although the building does not look too spectacular from the outside, it does contain pleasant accommodation. In addition to the reception desk and a small golf equipment shop, there are also other facilities for golfers. The outdoor area includes a driving range and a putting green while the course itself is a challenge to many golfers. It belongs among the middle-length courses, but due to all the elevations in the game direction, and even crosswise, it allows those who decide to play all the holes the opportunity to demonstrate their excellent strategy and skills.

Golf LubyThe first tee also provides a nice view of the landscape which is par three, more than 220 metres long. This is followed by a hole that is over 400 metres although the most difficult is the fourth hole which is 354 m long with par 4. The eighth hole is also difficult although it is often said “Which hole in Luby is not difficult?” Playing all eighteen holes in one round is a very sporting performance, and if it succeeds in good results, everybody is pleased. It is a classic outdoor course, but provides very good golf.