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Set out for Golf

Golf HazlovIn August 2003 the standard golfing area comprising an 18-hole golf course with the length of 6,114 m and a classification of 72 par, plus practice courses - driving range, putting green and chipping green – was put into operation at approximately 500 m above sea level on an area of 73 ha. The course is located in and fully utilizes the variable terrain of the nature park in the protected landscape area of Halštrov in Aš Hook, eventually Hazlov-Ovčín to the west of Františkovy Lázně. The course was generously and with sense of the surrounding landscape by German-English golf architects, it therefore looks older than it actually is with surrounding forests, old trees, natural ponds and biotopes. The golf course was opened in 2002 as an eighteen-hole course. During construction the landscape offering beautiful views and through-views into the close and distant surroundings was maximally utilized. Mixed forests and meadows with water areas completing the design are adroitly directed and enable the golfers to demonstrate their excellent qualities. The length of the holes, the longer fairways as well as the terrain undulation also enables the golfers to demonstrate their all-round skills.

Golf HazlovIn addition, there are three par-five holes with lengths of over 510 metres on the course. The first three holes pass around the driving range. The third one is the longest on the course while other holes are adroitly entwined with one another. Their location has succeeded in such a way that the green of the ninth hole is close to the Clubhouse while water is already encountered by the sixth hole where the game is played over a small wooded hollow with a small pond. Another interesting hole is the tenth, where it is necessary to drive the ball over a large pond onto a small fairway in front of the putting green. The ascent to the eleventh hole is followed by two holes surrounded by forests. The fifteenth hole has a double dogleg which brings up the very end of the course. On the seventeenth hole there is another water hazard again, although it is no tragedy. The finish is on the green located close to the clubhouse with a terrace. There is a restaurant inside and, in the case of bad weather you can find an indoor driving range, putting and chipping green. The outdoor practice areas are at the usual standard levels while grounds with several covered tees are on the practice area.