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Set out for Golf

Golf HájeThe area of the Háje golf course is situated between the town of Karlovy Vary and the village of Kolová approximately 8 km from the Karlovy Vary – Olšová Vrata golf course. The territory is located in the Protected Landscape Area of Slavkovský les (Slavkov Forest). Training areas were opened there in 2003; since 2004 the whole nine holes have been available.

The course has been built without any major changes to the undulating terrain where there is the clubhouse and the driving range. The length of the course reaches six kilometres for gentlemen; the length for ladies is approximately one kilometre shorter. The most difficult is the third hole, the long hole with par 5, where there is the left dogleg in the last section. The first and eighth holes, in the vicinity of which some minor ponds are located, are of interest and the green on the final hole is an island green, which you would usually see on a different course than this one.

To complete this course it is necessary to take into account a more sporty performance, as the terrain undulation is more advantageous to the more sportsmanlike player. GC Háje members also belong among this type of player. It is said that if you cannot find a gap in the timetable of starts on the Olšová Vrata on the Karlovy Vary eighteen, this course is not far away and you can enjoy your golf to your heart’s content there.