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LIDO Places to swim in the Karlovy Vary Region with Actual Water Quality Evaluation on the website of the Regional Hygiene Station of the Karlovy Vary Region

Aš District

  • Studánka Lido – the town of Aš; popular open-air pools with various refreshment facilities.

Cheb District

  • Jesenice and Skalka Dams - the dams situated in the surroundings of the town of Cheb are particularly popular due to their recreational facilities. In addition to swimming; surfing, gliding, fishing and diving are available. Both sandy and grass beaches are available and accommodation is available on shore at some of adjacent camps, hostels, bungalows and vacation homes.

Karlovy Vary District

  • Děpoltovický Pond - a well-known recreational area at the village of Děpoltovice, which is very popular among water sport lovers. Visitors can make use of various refreshment facilities and guests at the local Riviera hotel can even use the pedaloes.
  • Rolava Lido - the public open air pool of the town of Karlovy Vary offers visitors refreshment facilities, a chute, tennis courts, a petanque playground and a climbing wall. The area of the open air pool includes an in-line track.
  • Nová Role Pond - a large pond on the outskirts of the town with swimming, surfing and fishing facilities.
  • "Za Hotelem" Pond - the town of Toužim
  • Žlutice Lido

Kraslice District

  • Šindelová Natural Lido

Mariánské Lázně District

  • Koupaliště LIDO (LIDO) - the town of Mariánské Lázně
  • Rybník Betlém (Bethlehem Pond) - significant recreational area near the town of Teplá. The pond is often used by lovers of swimming, surfing, boating and fishing. The camp of the same name provides accommodation as well as refreshments.

Ostrov District

  • Ostrov Lido -  the town open-air pool offers visitors refreshment facilities, sporting activities and above all, a toboggan.
  • Velký Rybník (Big Pond) -  the well-known chalet site nearby Hroznětín (Lichtenstadt) along the pond is a significant summer recreation centre. Lovers of various water sports enjoy their stays there. Several restaurants serve refreshments and accommodation is available at the adjacent camp.

Sokolov District

  • Sokolov Lido - the town open air pool with swimming pool, refreshments, beach volleyball court and other facilities to enjoy your leisure time.
  • Michal Water Reservoir - the flooded mine near the town of Sokolov has become a significant attraction for water sport lovers and summer recreation as such. Many water attractions and refreshment facilities are available for visitors.
  • Tatrovice Water Reservoir - an artificial water reservoir at the village of Tatrovice near the town of Chodov.