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Cross-Country Skiing
Downhill Skiing
Bouřňák Sports Centre 

In addition to the operation of an alpine skiing resort the Sports Centre also ensures the preparation of cross-country skiing routes. The main route of the cross-country skiing area is formed by Krušnohorská magistrála (the Ore Mountains Main Cross-Country Skiing Route) running along the ridge; Bouřňák Sports Centre prepares the section between the villages of Dlouhá Louka in the west and Cínovec in the east.
In the surroundings of the main route you can find many beautiful, less frequent routes. The area of the Grünnwald peat bog by Nové Město and Cínovec peat bog are some of the most beautiful. At both places you can find low grade routes suitable for tourism. At Nové Město railway station there is a ski-racing stadium with a heated room, changing room and a buffet, in the surroundings of which you can find many more higher grade approved and popular cross-country skiing routes of 5 and 10 km in length. The popular Krušnohorská třicítka (the Ore Mountain Thirty) is also organized here. You can also find many prepared routes in neighbouring Germany where you can use the pedestrian tourist crossings at Cínovec and Moldava and visit, for example, the modern biathlon resort in Zinnwald or have a run along the abandoned railway embankment from Moldava railway station to Holzhau. The routes in the stadium surroundings are regularly prepared along the main ridge route, weather permitting.