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Boží Dar - cross-country skiing
Boží Dar 

In the area of Božídarský Špičák a network of cross-country skiing routes has been built for skiers. The total length of the skiing routes exceeds 55 km and these are prepared by a snowmobile. Four cross-country skiing circuits with lengths of 2, 7, 10 and 20 km have been constructed and colour coded. The 7 km circuit has been especially prepared for skating. Routes on other circuits are prepared for the traditional method of running. The circuits are accessible from Boží Dar along the Krušnohorská lyžařská magistrála (the Ore Mountains Main Cross-Country Skiing Route) and the 20km yellow-marked circuit. The other circuits start 1 km from Boží Dar. The whole area of the western Krušné hory (the Ore Mountains) is crossed by two main ski routes - Krušnohorská magistrála (the Ore Mountains Main Cross-Country Skiing Route) (KLM) and the Ski magistrála (the Main Ski Route) (SM). In the territory of the Czech Republic both the main routes largely overlap with each other; and are connected to the Ski magistrála and similar circuits built by Oberwiesenthal below Fichtelberg. Part of these circuits run right along the state border. Skiers can join them by using the Hubertky border trail.

Cross-country Skiing Routes

  • Boží Dar – Pernink (Jelení, Nové Hamry) 15 km
  • Za Špičákem – Hubertky towards Fichtelberg in Germany 6 km
  • Boží Dar Circuit
  • Around Špičáku - Boží Dar 10 km
  • Špičák Circuit for skating 6 km
  • Karlův běh Circuit 20 km
  • Boží Dar Circuit 4 km
  • Circuit around Myslivny by Boží Dar 7 km
  • Boží Dar - Plešivec 11 km
  • Boží Dar - Hubertky – towards Tellerhauser in Germany 4 km
  • Boží Dar - state border – towards Fichtelberg in Germany 2 km
  • Boží Dar - state border – towards Breitenbrunn in Germany 6 km
  • Jahodovka Circuits 1 - 7 km
  • Boží Dar - Klínovec 5 km
  • Circuit around Pernink 1 km